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Non-traditional first responder network.

Our world is a place where everyday citizens must be vigilant to ensure OUR safety. First responders are facing greater challenges with each passing day which is causing them to be more overwhelmed than ever before.


OVRwatch is a powerful mobile application which connects all nearby citizens without dependence on prior relationships, creating a powerful tool to become instantly aware of matters of consequence including, but not limited to criminal events, social justice, and health related issues.


Our goal is to use the power of our communities to create the world’s first non-traditional first responder network.


While we are more connected than ever, sadly, much of the data that captures our attention is unimportant "noise." This superficial data overload has made it nearly impossible to sort between the mundane and the emergency.

Powerful mobile application to provide real-time visibility and situational awareness.

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OVRwatch connects you and your community in operational, not social, ways.

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Social Shepherd offers our OVR platform free of charge to NGO's and Non-profits. Our goal is to provide the infrastructure to allow citizens to be more safe and connected.

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Are you a school group of other community organization. Contact us today and let us see how we can get you connected into the OVRwatch network!

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